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Becoming an amazing wedding photographer

What does it take to become an amazing wedding photographer?

Firstly, you need to have a passion for people. Yes, with all the technology and tools to help you build your portfolio, your success will largely depend on your interactions with your clients. Connecting with your clients, listening to what their dream wedding is all about, knowing their quirks and grasping what makes the couple connect, will ensure that you capture the moments that they will only have once on their wedding way. This adds pressure to the photographer, they hold the key to the memories of that day. Sure, they can edit the photo’s afterwards and add some more light or make it brighter, but if they miss the sparkle between the couple, the moment is lost forever.

In order to be a successful wedding photographer, you also need to guide the couple in the right direction. Professional photographers can see what is happening behind the lens, so although it might feel awkward to put your hand on your partner’s shoulder or have him hold your bouquet, the photographer can see an amazing shot! Mention this to your clients before the big day. Offer a engagement shoot as part of the package so that they can get use to you and your way of directing.

Stick with the theme and reflect the couple in the photographs. For example, if the clients are more traditional, don’t have the wedding party stand on top of each other pretending to be a cheerleading squad! Conversely, if the party is all into sports and cheerleading, by all means, tell the party to take off their shoes and do a pyramid! Sticking with the theme doesn’t have to be boring however, use your imagination and create interesting shots with a unique background, an appropriate prop or a different angle.

Bring energy, enthusiasm and the right balance of serious to the day. It’s going to be a long day and you might be recovering from a full week of stressful shoots and stretched your sleeping schedule. Remember that it’s the couple’s day and you need to be as excited about their day as they are, if not more! Energy is contagious, the more fun you have the more relaxed and fun the wedding party will have as a result.

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Using architecture to capture a moment

Catch the “off-camera” moments. With a second photographer on set, this works really well. Ask them to take pictures when the wedding party and guests aren’t looking or posing. This will provide an excellent feel for the album, giving the couple the right balance of posed and free photographs.

These are just a few tips on becoming a successful wedding photographer, be a people person first and connect with your clients. The technical part is your forte, but they will remember your presence every time they look at their pictures!