Engagement Photo

Truly Unique Engagement Ideas

With the upcoming holidays where we will spend time with friends, coworkers and family, wouldn’t it be wonderful to show off your newly acquired bling? The holidays are perfect to ask the love of your life to take the next step and commit to each other.

I heard a story of a photographer that travelled to Zimbabwe a while back. He was taking some pictures of the Victoria Falls and happened to notice a couple standing on the other side of the waterfall. He was drawn in and decided to take some photographs of them. Little did he realize that he will be responsible for capturing one of life’s most joyous moments. The man went down on one knee and held a little black box. The woman was in tears and they embraced under the African sky.

Being on the other side of the waterfall, he wasn’t able to make it to them. He rushed as fast as he can, but they already left. The photographer made every effort to find the couple, and with a lot of help from the local community, he finally reached the hotel that they stayed at. They were overwhelmed by the persistence of the photographer in finding them. They exchanged information and they are friends to this day.

Although we don’t offer African Sunset Engagement sessions, we can make your surprise engagement just as special and capture the moment. Our photographers are professionals that will help you with the details. We have external partners consisting of restaurants, special event venues, florists, gift companies and many more. With this team, we can ensure that your proposal goes smoothly.

Contact us today or meet us in person at one of the upcoming bridal shows! We look forward to working with you on this magical moment in your lives.


* Sorry, no refunds if she says no*