Bridal Show

Why it’s fun to attend a Bridal Show

With the upcoming bridal show season, brides, grooms, mother-of-the-bride, in-laws and bridal parties all anxiously await the opening of the doors to the Magical Kingdom of Wedding …

It is truly a sight, from modern to eclectic, cakes to cupcakes, veils to shoes, tuxedos and gowns, DJ’s and florists, the shows have it all! You can browse, taste, smell, try on, listen and just stand in amazement at all the ideas for this year’s What’s What? and Who’s Who? when it comes to your wedding.

You’ve strolled the numerous isles of vendors with each a unique take on their trade; your bag starts to get really heavy from all the brochures and samples. Suddenly you realize that you would like to take a break from the overstimulation and you make your way to the food and beverage counters. After all, you require some energy for the fashion show that is about to start. Your mind have time to process all the information from the morning and as you sip your latte, images of your perfect wedding come together. The theme, the colours, the flowers, the favours, to limo or not to limo, the tuxes, even the honeymoon packages are fitting into the puzzle.

The fashion show is about to start and you make your way to the front row, you want to be able to see all the detail of the gowns up close and personal! As she makes her way down the runway, you can imagine yourself in that gown, it’s PERFECT! After jotting down the name on a piece of paper, you ensure that it’s kept safely in your bridal journal, next to a picture of your wedding band. The show is over and after a great applause, the crowd makes their way to the vendors once more.

You have it all figured out. Now for the most important question of the day: Who will you choose to capture this perfect wedding? It’s not a question to be taken lightly. Your choice of photographer will create lasting memories of your wedding day. They will be there when you get ready for your ceremony, they will be there when you walk down the isle, when you commit to your partner and when you become Mr & Mrs for the first time.

Focussing on you, your dreams and expectations for the day allows us to work together to ensure a memorable and magical experience. Our team of professionals are creative, engaged, enthusiastic and excited to share this day with you, your friends and your family.

Come and meet us in person at the next Wedding Show and let us capture your moment!